Jana Novak Lace

Jana Novak Lace

Jana Novak is a distinguished Czech clothing designer focusing on bobbin lace. She completed her studies at the school of applied arts specializing in graphic art and at the school of lace in Prague. In Denmark, where she moved in 1974, she completed a school of pedagogy.

She lives permanently in Denmark and has been pursuing this profession for over 40 years. She is a sough-after designer of original clothing accessories and jewellery. She published over 40 technical books. At the present time she is working on compiling her rich experience in a ten-volume lexicon of contemporary lace techniques used in free artistic creation over the stretch of the 20th century. The lexicon summarizes the turbulent development in lace-making during the last century. In the lexicon you will find contemporary trends, time-tested and proven techniques which she uses herself and which guarantee an exceptional and original look of the resulting works.

She still exhibits her works at distinguished cultural events such as:

  • Scandinavian handicrafts week in Nagoya and Tokyo (Japan)
  • EU Leonardo da Vinci project with the participation of art schools from Italy, Malta, Slovenia and Denmark
  • Czech culture week in Denmark
  • Czech culture day in the Faroe Islands

On the following web pages you can purchase original models from the new collection or order the instructions how to make them including materials and a detailed description. These new products and the new publications can be ordered only personally from Jana Novak or through the following web pages.

Jana's former Czech company Ateliér Moravia was bought by the Danish HEDENS HOERGARN company. All Ateliér Moravia products can be purchased at www.hedenshoergarn.dk or www.ateliermoravia.dk E-mail: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING or JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING


Original clothing and patterns

Clothing in sizes M/L, some in X/XXL. Other sizes can be ordered. Delivery time after placing a binding purchase order is 1 month.

You can purchase everything individually – the lace pattern, knitted or sewn part of the clothing and yarn. Fabric and yarn is predominantly from natural materials (linen, wool, viscose, mixtures).

The clothing – there is only one original and it can be purchased after the fashion show or exhibition.

Customers with special wishes concerning colours or the size of clothing can place an order with their individual requests; the delivery time is one month; the E-mail for placing orders is: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING


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100% – WOOL 40 m for working on 8 mm Torchon ground

WARNING. 100% sheep's wool has a different structure and shorter length of the thread before spinning. The price of the material is affordable. Llama wool is very expensive. Linen, silk and cotton are more firm. A wool thread cannot be tightened as firmly as silk, cotton and linen when making bobbin lace. Just like with linen it is necessary to watch the twist of the yarn to see if the twist has not loosened when moving the bobbins back and forth, you have to watch the twists of wool yarn. It is beautiful wool with many splendid and sober colour tones. You can knit a part of the clothing and make bobbin lace with the same material. You will get interesting festive and sporty models. Jana Novak always makes the first model, draws the lace pattern and the other colour options of this model are made by professional lacemakers in the Czech Republic. They do not create anything, they make the lace in a different colour. Four women have been working on the making of the laces, the yarn broke only a few times. It is a beautiful material, it is necessary to work and tighten the stitches with feeling. Other materials contain partially artificial novelty threads, the risk of breaking is minimal, almost zero.

EFFEKT-COLOURED * farbig / i farver/ barevný * acryl-polyester-cotton * 40 m
Double the yarn for a more distinct effect.
EFFEKT-LIGHT * hell / lys / světlý * acryl-polyester-cotton * 40 m
Double the yarn for a more distinct effect.
FOX-COLOURED * farbig / i farver / barevný * 82 % pan – 18 % nylon * 80 m
On an 8 mm grid the yarn is double wound.
BARBORA-GLOSS * glanz / blank / lesklý * 82 % viscose – 18 % nylon * 80 m
Double or triple wind the yarn.


The book is not a presentation of all possible techniques. These techniques are used by Jana Novak following a long-time practice becausethe lace looks perfect with them. The way she uses some of the techniques is unusual and interesting. She invented the invisible finishing, she is a perfectionist and the knots ruined for her the look of the lace.

The TORCHON * FASHION book was published last year. It was supposed to come out after the publishing of all technical and designer advice in the volumes of the PERFECT LACE TECHNIQUE collection. This book has no realization patterns, it is a textbook. It explains basic designer principles and inspires creative women and men to create according to their own ideas. Not everybody is skilled in drawing but everyone can draw an ornament with the Torchon technique on a prepared pattern and ground, create a part of clothing, an original worth admiration.

Patterns in sizes M/L and XL/XXL are drawn on an A1 sheet with Torchon ground. Women who prefer longer clothing can add 5–8 cm at the shoulders, according to their wishes. The front and back parts are connected on the sides with a plait or a string made with the same wool. Torchon is the most widely used technique in the whole world but there are no grounds on which the whole clothing pattern would fit. The A1 sheet is also suitable for making shawls and straight or triangle-shaped scarves.

Originals of new models can be purchased for a favourable price directly from Jana Novak. E-mail: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING The books are shipped free of charge within Europe by Jana Novak company. Ordered products must be paid for in advance. Materials and lace patterns are shipped for a small fee. It is convenient to order goods for multiple lacemakers at once, Jana Novak company provides a discount. E-mail: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING



Jana Novak




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